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Welcome to our blog. We are happy you chose to visit with us. This blog you have reached is focused on a little about the law and a lot about everything else - mostly our 8 kids!

The Husband and Wife Law Team Blog

Our March 2015 Newsletter

By Alexis Breyer on March 10, 2015 - Comments off

This year has been flying by. Our family just celebrated 5 birthdays within seven weeks. I strategically planned most of the kids to be born in the winter so the summers would not be too bad when I was pregnant. I did; however, have one child born in August! We are still getting things settled into our new office. Still waiting for the sign but that should be here soon. We recently took all our staff to a murder mystery lunch. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughing. A great thing to plan if you are looking for a private party and something different. On to the kids and funny quotes for the month! Editor’s Note from Mark: Did anyone else just catch that statement. She planned the month of birth for her kids. Does anyone doubt the level of control my wife must have on EVERYTHING to do that? And, therefore, what a patient and loving husband she must have!

Read the rest »

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Our July 2014 Newsletter

By Alexis Breyer on July 7, 2014 - Comments off

Although we have 8 kids, it is amazing that each one has their own individual personality and you can see it in whatever we do. Up until a few years ago, we did not have a swimming pool. We were too scared due to all the drowning cases that we handle. Despite how terrified we are of pools, we now have a pool. (Editor’s Note from Mark:  Helping people who have suffered life-altering injuries or horrendous tragedies, such as drowning situations, will drive you to have fear many things!)

It’s funny how the teenagers used to love going swimming when we didn’t have a pool and now that we have a pool they aren’t as interested in swimming. Our oldest, Zev, would much rather talk with his friends or play video games. It takes a lot of bribery to get him in the pool. Zev tells us he may become a professional gamer (online games) … We’ll see about that! It sure is amazing how much video games have changed. Zev has said that these gamers have whole audiences watching them and get paid for it!  ( Read the rest »

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Aggressive Driving and Arizona Law

By Alexis Breyer on January 22, 2014 - Comments off

Aggressive driving is defined as individuals that commit a combination of moving traffic
offenses as to endanger other persons property. Arizona has the longest running program to combat offensive driving in the United States. It is called “Combat Chill” and works closely with the Governors Office. The program utilizes a strong police presence and a media campaign.

According to the statute a person is considered being a reckless driver when they combine speeding with at least 2 other violations including; failure to obey traffic control devices, improper passing, driving off the pavement or traveled portion of the highway, following too close, failure to yield right-of-way, or driving in a way that is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle. Read the rest »


A Tale of the Michigan State University Tailgate

By Alexis Breyer on February 16, 2013 - Comments off

As many of you know, Mark Breyer is a huge Michigan State Fan. Most of Mark’s wardrobe over the weekends consists of some sort of MSU gear. When Michigan State’s football team was set to play in Arizona, Mark was beyond excited although that meant that the team did not fair to well in the rankings. Nevertheless, it was the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of Michigan State fans together. We put a public invite on facebook and invited anyone who wanted to support MSU. We had free pizza, wings, drinks, and even held a raffle. The picture below is a picture of a man called “Johnny Spirit” holding the poster of our raffle give away. Johnny Spirit goes to every game dressed up as he is pictured below. Even Johnny Spirit filled out a raffle form.

It was interesting to watch all the kids at the tailgate. I couldn’t imagine Cade at the tailgate so he stayed home with a sitter. Chasing around a kid who was not yet two years old did not seem any fun. Cade is obsessed with footballs and basketballs. We got him a 3 foot tall basketball hoop and two different bags filled with sports balls. Cade was so excited when he looked in the first bag it was difficult to get him to look at the second bag. (Editor’s Note from Mark: While the hoop may have seemed like the perfect gift, it has caused me lots of work. Read the rest »


Lawyer James Roswold Excites Local Community

By Alexis Breyer on February 16, 2013 - Comments off

Lawyer James Roswold recently held a Rock and Roll Riders Benefit for children. I met James a couple of years ago and I was so inspired by the charity for injured children that he has established. Of course, he is an excellent lawyer as well!

Since we do not live near Kansas or Missouri, we could not attend the benefit, but I was lucky enough to see video of the event. Even James, his wife, and kids were singing. All to raise money for injured children. James has an inspiring story as well as his brother was seriously injured when James was younger. It is very interesting to speak to James as he knows first hand how severe injuries impact the entire family. Read the rest »


Unedited Version of our December 2012 newsletter article!

By Alexis Breyer on December 31, 2012 - Comments off

As many of you may know, Mark is a huge Michigan State fan and loves to discuss college sports. He would spend much of his weekends watching college and pro sports but he has 8 children… and a wife… so that isn’t usually possible. Mark is also extremely competitive. Even with the team Mark coaches for our 12 year old son Tate, Mark spends time making up plays and pondering the best strategies to win his games. I try to remind him these are 12 year olds playing YMCA basketball ball… Although I have to say it is better to be motivated and hard working no matter what you work on than the opposite way! (Editor’s Note from Mark: If any of you think that is bad, you should have seen me trying to diagram play for 5-7 year old flag football last year!)

I (Alexis) am happy to report that last weekend, we had a great sports weekend in our house. It started with Pierce, who Mark mentioned above coached his football team last year. This year Pierce is in basketball. In any event, Pierce won his last game, which he was excited about. I think he was even more excited about the snack he got after the game. It was our turn to bring snacks so I brought goldfish and water. Mark was making fun of me for bring such healthy things. He thought at least a capri sun would be more favorable for the kids. Ironically enough, parents came up to me telling me how it was good the kids got water instead of capri suns. I thought that was funny! Read the rest »


Free Injury Law Guide by Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer, The Husband and Wife Law Team

By Alexis Breyer on April 4, 2012 - Comments off

Requesting your copy of the free injury law guide by The Husband and Wife Law Team is one simply step. You can call (602) 267-1280 and request your free copy. The Husband and Wife Law Team are very excited to offer their new edition of the free injury law guide. The guide is 165 pages full of information to let people know what they should be aware of when handling an injury claim. Many injury claims can be handled without a lawyer, but there has never been a comprehensive guide to help injured victims who do not want to retain an attorney or do not know if they need an attorney. The injury law guide by The Husband and Wife Law Team details 13 of the biggest mistakes than can hurt an Arizona injury claim. Alexis and Mark have seen injury claims totally destroyed by people making mistakes when handling their own claim. In fact, many other lawyers make mistakes when they do not focus on injury claim work.

Mark Breyer is a well known attorney in injury and wrongful death law. Mark speaks at seminars for new attorneys and offers free guidance to all. After much thought since the Husband and Wife Law Team wanted to help anyone who called but could not do so because they limit their practice to those who are seriously injured, the two decided to write a complete guide to help others protect their injury claim and settle their claim for a fair amount. Some of the things people can learn from the injury law guide are the following: Read the rest »


Back to School…Part 6 of 8

By Alexis Breyer on September 20, 2011 - Comments off

Karina can almost always be found with something related to Dora the Explorer. Yes, it is still her obsession. Currently, we have a Dora lunch box and a Dora ice pack that we have added to her collection. When she gets to watch Dora on TV, I have to say so myself, it is very cute, because she does the Karina Breyer happy dance. Her swim teacher recently saw it and made sure she got additional praise on something so she could see the Karina Breyer happy dance again. Read the rest »


Infant Survival Swim Classes

By Alexis Breyer on September 15, 2011 - Comments off

Infant survival classes are something every parent should consider. Due to the nature of Arizona’s hot climate, many households have a pool which can be fatal for children. Michelle Barker the owner and instructor of Swim Now in Phoenix is very compassionate about what she does. According to Michelle parents can prevent infant drowning by simply taking the time to enroll their children in any infant survival course. Read the rest »


Back to School…Part 5 of 8

By Alexis Breyer on September 13, 2011 - Comments off

Talia’s chore in the morning is to feed Cade. Poor Cade has had a cold the last couple of weeks but he is still crawling around and for the most part happy. He is even starting to pull himself up.
(Editor’s Note from Mark: Cade is now learning how to feed himself. Well, maybe it is better to say he is enjoying not feeding himself. Whenever you put something in front of him, he will play with it but will not try to eat it until you pick it up and start to give it to him. Then he looks like a cartoon penguin getting a fish . . . mouth wide open looking at you waiting for you to put the food in his mouth.)

Talia has a unique way of feeding Cade. She gets the baby food jar and then she takes a spoonful for herself. Then, after she has enjoyed some of the baby food, Talia gives Cade a spoonful. Since she wants some for herself, she insists on only bananas. Why bananas? Because the banana baby food tastes much better. Talia (and the other kids) refuse to feed Cade if they have to give him any other food. They say the other food smells bad. I have to agree with them. Ever smell or taste squash in a baby food jar? I don’t know how those babies eat that stuff. Read the rest »


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